Accept customer payments without any hassles, start up costs or hidden fees.

Accept Credit Cards with Ease

You now have the ability to process all types of cards with ease and EMV- compliant security with no hidden fees.

Quick Deposits

Paytouch provides you with one to two day deposits so that you can focus on your customers and growing your business.

24/7 Live Support

No more waiting around or staying on hold for hours. Paytouch support is available for you, from anywhere and any time.

Easy & Transparent Payments

Fully Integrated

Paytouch's payment platform is fully integrated with the PCI-Compliant Miura card reader, ensuring your transactions are completed quickly and securely.

EMV Compliant

EMV compliance is not an option, and Paytouch has you fully covered. Reduce your risk of chargebacks, and process the right way.

Secured with PIN

Paytouch has you covered for all cards that require Chip & Pin to ensure that your payments are secure and EMV compliant.


Accept Apple and Android Pay via Paytouch's fully integrated NFC payments, all through the connected Miura payments device.

Per swipe, dip
or tap
+ $0.15 per keyed

Straightforward Pricing

With Paytouch, know exactly what you pay, no hassle or hidden fees.

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You're never in the dark

Accept payments at any time, even when you're offline. As soon as you go back online, Paytouch will automatically sync your transactions so you don't have to worry about receiving your payments.

Get Started

Fast and secure checkout


With cash drawer integration and management, accepting and keeping track of cash is a breeze.

Credit or Debit

Accept any major credit or debit cards securely with our integrated EMV-compliant payment platform.

Split Payments

Split the bill between as many times as you need so your customers can pay how they like.

Gift Cards

Start selling digital gift cards right away and accept them via Apple Passbook, Android Wallet or email.

Left quote

“Paytouch POS has provided us with smooth and secure transactions for our customers. Being able to wirelessly scan and securely take in all forms of payment has been seamless.”


Price Comparison


Rates (swiped)
Rates (keyed)
Payment Gateway Fees
Monthly Service Fees


2.5% Flat
3.25% + .15 cents per trans


2.75% Flat
3.25% + .15 cents per trans

Other Providers

2.5% + .20- cents per trans
3.5% + .20 cents per trans

All the hardware you need

From retail to restaurant and everything in between, Paytouch has the hardware you will need to run your business smoothly and securely. From purchasing to setup, consider your hardware needs covered.

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