Turn your customers into loyal patrons

Increase Repeat Business

Turn your customers into regulars with a loyalty program that incentivizes and rewards them to keep coming back.

Hassle-free Loyalty

With Paytouch's fully digital loyalty program, your customers can access and be notified of their rewards directly from their phones.

Customized For You

Create the perfect loyalty program, whether it be by spend or by visit, and keep your customers coming back for more

Automate your loyalty program

Customize your loyalty program, and give rewards based on a customer's spend or number of visits with a qualified purchase.

Design your own custom loyalty pass

Make your loyalty program perfect for your business, both in rewards and in design. With Paytouch, you will have your customized loyalty program set in a matter of minutes.

A fully digital experience

Paytouch removes the need to pay for expensive loyalty cards, and prevents your customers from having to walk around with wallets full of cards they forget about.

Keep your customers coming back for more

Welcome and Incentivize

Welcome your customers with automated messages when they sign up for loyalty. Incentivize them to come back again with extra points and reminders when they hit reward milestones.

Make it easy to sign up

Customers can easily sign up at either the register or through their digital receipt. Once they are signed up, simply add them to the sale, and their loyalty will be tracked.

Measure your results

Track and understand loyalty trends with location and date, as well as the ability to search by individual customers.

Left quote

“Speed and ease of use is really important to us. Paytouch has what I need to manage my business, and provides me with the reports I need to know exactly how we are doing.”