Track all your inventory effortlessly

Manage Products

From product cost changes to margins across locations, managing your inventory will become a painless process.

Always in Stock

Using stock control, reordering from suppliers, receiving, and reconcilling PO's will ensure you are always in stock.

Powerful Analytics

Know your inventory at a glance, from current stock values to outstanding PO's, transfers and top selling products.


Paytouch makes it easier than ever to grow. Create new locations and have inventory, employees and payments set up across all of them without the need for any additional imports, exports or hassles.

Three images of different venues for this business owner
Stock control for different locations

Track Quantity, Cost & Revenue

Quickly set on-hand quantities, minimums and re-order amounts, and see what is en route via transfers or orders. Paytouch makes it quick and easy to calculate and adjust costs, prices and margins. Furthermore, quickly identify how your products are contributing to the health of your business with average costs and profit overviews.

Track Supplies

Get granular and track everything that makes up the products that you sell.

Track Ingredients

Keep your ingredients perfectly stocked so you never run out of what you need.

Manage Recipes

Manage your dishes by keeping track of the ingredients that go into making them.

Purchase Order Management

Managing purchase orders and suppliers should not involve mountains of papers and hours of calls. With Paytouch's intelligent minimum quantity notifications, automatically generate and send PO's to your suppliers in minutes.

Step 1: Create Your PO

Whether you are managing one supplier, or have hundreds, Paytouch makes it easy to create a purchase order to make sure you keep your stock levels just right. Simply select your supplier and your receiving location to get started.

Supplier and Location select windows screenshots
Screenshot of products grid with some products selected

Step 2: Add Your Products

Add products that you plan on reordering simply by scrolling or searching. Paytouch will even notify you of products that are running low. Once added, input the quantities and the purchase price and you're ready to go!

Step 3: Send Your PO

After hitting “Send”, suppliers will receive your PO digitally via email. No more complicated spreadsheets, long calls or outdated order sheets.

Purchase Order being sent through the Paytouch Dashboard application

Supplier Management

Mange your suppliers with ease via the Paytouch Dashboard. No more need for large files or rolodexes. As well, gain powerful insights into how each supplier is performing for your business.

Suppliers creation and edit windows screenshot

Stock Control

With stock control activity, you can now keep your finger on the pulse of all your inventory movements and changes. Whether you are receiving, transferring or keeping track of returns and inventory counts.

A macbook pro showing data about stock control

The ultimate business tool

Manage your inventory, suppliers, customers, customer engagement campaigns, and reports from anywhere.

Learn more about Dashboard

Product Management

Create or import your products with everything from price and cost, to modifiers, and suppliers. Made simple for multiple locations.

Inventory Management

Powered with smart insights, managing inventory with suppliers, purchase orders and stock control has never been so intuitive.

Order Management

Manage all completed orders in real-time, and allow permissioned employees to perform refunds, exchanges or returns.

Employee Management

Smart insights into employee shifts, hours, wages and even scorecards makes it incredibly easy to keep everyone productive.

Customer Management

Know your customers better than anyone with a CRM, made better with custom groups, loyalty and insightful analytics.


Your data made smart with analytics. Keep your finger on the pulse of your business, and act on insights that increase your bottom line.