Does your POS do that?

The way restaurants operate has changed in the last few years, but has your POS kept up? Paytouch is your new magic weapon. Our innovative platform is built by industry veterans to help you grow and adapt to today's business.

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  • The first easy, efficient, operations platform with POS at its core.

    No training necessary

    Get up and running and start making your first sales in a matter of minutes with our intuitive Point of Sale.

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    Ticket Management

    Stay in control of every order and its status. Whether it's a new delivery order or a simple trascation.

    Cash Drawer Management

    Know where every dollar and cent goes, from sales to pay-out's, as well as refunds, returns and exchanges.

    Employee Management

    Manage employees easily and securely with time cards, scheduling, permissions and analytics.

    Order Management

    Manage all completed orders in real-time, perform refunds, exchanges and returns.

    Customer Management

    Know your customers with a CRM, made better with groups, loyalty and smart insights.

    Accept Any Tender

    Take cash, credit/debit card, or even checks while keeping EMV and PCI compliant.

    Perfect for any business

    Whether you own a cafe, restaurant or retail store, Paytouch will provide you with everything you need.

    Cafe / QSR

    Get up and running quickly, andstart checking your customers outin a matter of minutes.


    Manage your restaurant withease, from the front of the houseto the kitchen and bar.


    Keep your inventory perfectlystocked and your customerscoming back for more.

    Unlimited locations

    Paytouch makes it easier than ever to grow. Create new locations and have inventory, employees and payments set up across all of them without the need for any additional imports, exports or hassles.

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    Manage your business from anywhere

    The ultimate business tool

    Manage your inventory, suppliers, customers, customer engagement campaigns, and reports from anywhere.

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    Product Management

    Create or import your products with everything from price and cost, to modifiers, and suppliers. Made simple for multiple locations.

    Inventory Management

    Powered with smart insights, managing inventory with suppliers, purchase orders and stock control has never been so intuitive.

    Order Management

    Manage all completed orders in real-time, and allow permissioned employees to perform refunds, exchanges or returns.

    Employee Management

    Smart insights into employee shifts, hours, wages and even scorecards makes it incredibly easy to keep everyone productive.

    Customer Management

    Know your customers better than anyone with a CRM, made better with custom groups, loyalty and insightful analytics.


    Your data made smart with analytics. Keep your finger on the pulse of your business, and act on insights that increase your bottom line.